Wilderness Trail believes that growth begans first by letting go. As we let go of the worries and thoughts of our daily lives we are then able to begin looking outward. We look toward our neighbor and see that we are better as a whole and when we are able to see the Body of Christ at work we are then able to let go even more of ourselves. This transition fosters a servant's heart and as we lose ourselves in the care of our neighbor we may find our true selves. 

Wilderness Trail takes people out of their comfort zone and from their day to day life and places them in the beauty of God's creation. Wilderness Trail places people into groups of around eleven people and puts them on a journey for day, weekend, or week.

Our Log

“The Hiking People”

The Wilderness Trail logo depicts the experience into which we invite youth, families, college students, adults, volunteers, and leaders to live.  Based on Galatians 6:2 – “bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ” – this image has become for us an image of the Kingdom of God as we go about burden-bearing in small group wilderness journeys.  Walking together, taking Quiet Time, sharing Little Foxes and Holy Grounds, washing one another’s feet, playing in the rain, serving and celebrating secret friends, sharing meals, and trusting the process… this image reminds us that these are spiritual paths that can lead us into the reign of God as participants in the Kingdom of God.