Why your donations matter

45% of our operating costs come from donations. We believe in sharing this experience with everyone and keeping the price low to make us accessible to all youth. We truly could not function without your help!

When you donate to Wilderness Trail- you enable us to:

  • offer scholarships to those who are unable to afford the experience on their own 
  • provide appropriate equipment to our groups for their week in the woods
  • maintain our facilities as they change and grow with us
  • hire the necessary staff members, who are the hands and feet of this ministry
  • help grow and shape servant leaders in your communities
“A young person on Wilderness Trail experiences gratification and builds self-esteem by meeting a challenge head-on. They learn to enjoy living with a community of friends without technology or any distractions and learn to appreciate the wilderness and God’s beautiful creation. I would recommend this experience for any youth and adult who is lucky enough, like me, to accompany them as a chaperone. I’m not kidding; I rate my Wilderness Trail experience 3rd in line as one of the best times of my life aside from getting married and having children.”
— Lisa, Youth Counselor from Asheville, NC