Junior Staff

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What is Wilderness Trail’s Junior Staff ministry?

Our Junior Staff program is an incredible opportunity for fellowship with a new group and further discipleship. Our junior staff are partnered with a WT Staff to support a group in their hiking week and fulfill tasks such as helping to cook, take care of blisters, hike “point” or “sweep,” and so much more. Our junior staff grows closer to God and the group by saying yes to the different leadership opportunities that will present themselves throughout the week as a junior staff.

To apply to serve as Junior Staff with Wilderness Trail, you must:

  • Be fifteen years of age by the time of the event during which you will serve as Junior Staff

  • Have completed 3 summer hikes with WT

  • Receive positive recommendations from a youth counselor and a WT Staff person

Once your junior staff application is accepted - we register Junior Staff for events on a first come, first serve basis according the event size and leadership needs.


Please contact Anna Belle Lamar at 828-734-0355 or director@wtrail.com if you have questions about the Junior Staff experience, application, or registration.  If you are expecting to hear from us and no word comes, call us!  We want to keep you up-to-date and plugged in on opportunities to grow and serve!