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Retreat Day


Chicken Parm

  • vegetarian option: veggie patty
  • vegan option: vegan patty, no cheese
  • gluten free option: grilled chicken strips

Green beans

Garlic bread

Our famous salad bar

Cobbler & ice cream

Water, sweet tea, lemonade


Hiking Day 1

Breakfast... at the Property

Variety of bagels & cream cheese



Coffee & juices


On the Trail

From the food shed...

commonly used for snacks, breakfasts, & lunches

  • Ritz crackers, ramen noodles, pop tarts, pudding, fruit cups, applesauce, nature valley bars, combination of oatmeal/ grits, combination of hot chocolate/apple cider/instant coffee

Trail Dinners... 

carried, prepared, & enjoyed as a group!

  • Lentils & rice
  • Velveeta mac n cheese (gluten free option - Annie's gluten free mac n cheese)
  • Black beans & rice
  • Mountain house lasagna (vegan/gluten free option: Go Classic marinara & penne | Vegetarian option: Mountain House pasta primavera)


Get Back Day

Breakfast... at the Property

Cinnamon Rolls


Coffee, milk, Juice



Hamburgers with all the fixins (lettuce, tomato, onion, condiments)

  • vegetarian/vegan option: veggie patties

Bag of chips

Salad bar

Chocolate chip cookies

Choice of soda, water, sweet tea, lemonade



Chicken Pot Pie

  • veggie pot pie

Baked apples

Salad bar

Brownies & ice cream

Water, sweet tea, lemonade